FREE walking SPECIAL Breslauer TOUR

Wroclove / 7 marca 2014

Saturday, 08.03.2014, 12:00pm
Meeting point: Aleksander Fredro Monument
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1411509832437137/


Our ordinance is:

1. For the fortress area we bring in time sheets with immediate priorty.
2. Male and Female inhabitant of the city are obligated to work (including 10 years old boys and 12 years old girls). We engage adolescent boys and girls to rather soft job, mostly in the kitchen ect.
3. These people must go to special group of coordinators (NSDAP) who assign them work and give time sheets.
4. If somebody willfully doesn’t comply with our ordinance, then he or she will be punished by death.

Fortress Breslau, Commander of the fortress

*inhabitant of Breslau (Wroclaw name before and during II world war)

Such fanaticism was in hole ordinance and it was main cause of city extinction. We want to turn back the clock and tell you about Festung Breslau. The time during II world war when Wroclaw was Breslau, German city. It will be story about normal city which once become fortress which surrendered as last of German’s cities ( 4 days after Berlin) and at the end was destroyed in 70 %. Where the general exhort man and women to fight with enemies, to set on fires buildings in area of front line. We can describe that poor fanatical city by words of Paul Peikert (protestant priests who stayed during Festung Breslau ) : „From all over the lips, you can almost hear that our enemies are not the Russians, but that our biggest enemy was the party”.

Come and hear about last months of Breslau, how red army besieged city and about consequence of the unleashed horror of nationalist ideologies.


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