Prices of Nights

Prices in Vanilla Hostel & Apartments

the prices of accommodation in our hostel decrease with each person and with every day:

Number of days

2-the3-the4-5-the6-pax and more
Price per person per night
1 day70 zł60 zł55 zł50 zł
2 days70 zł60 zł50 zł45 zł
3 days60 zł50 zł45 zł45 zł
4 days60 zł50 zł45 zł45 zł
5 days55 zł45 zł40 zł40 zł
6 days55 zł45 zł40 zł40 zł
7 days55 zł40 zł40 zł40 zł

For a double room for one person the price is 130 zł.
During long weekends, holidays and New Year’s Eve we have the right to give higher or lower prices.
The cost for children (up to 4 years) is 20 PLN per night.

The dayhotel night starts at 1PM and ends at 10AM the next day. Reception is open from 8AM to 11PM. Arrival after this time is also possible, but bills, documents and other formalities will be completed the next day. Payment can be made by wire transfer, credit card or with cash. Guests can enter and leave the building at any time.

Extra fees:
– towel rental – 2 PLN per each
– TV rental – 2 PLN per stay
– 4 hours extension – 50% charge per night
– daily renewal during the day – 100% daily fee (only if room is not booked)

The full reservation is made after:

  • paying a deposit in value of one day stay (may be returned if the reservation was cancelled at least 5 days before date of arrival)
  • sending a transfer confirmation via email.

Please use one name each time (i.e. while check-in the person arriving should give the name of the person who made reservation)


Please follow the scheme of reservation. It will help us with the whole booking process.

1. Write us / call us

If you’re planning to visit Wrocław and you’re searching a place to stay in for 1, 5 or 22 days, or even longer, call us: +48 794750111 or contact us via e-mail: reservations[at] or by our contact form in the contact tab in the upper menu. We will answer all your questions about our facility, we will advice you what kind of room to choose and we will explain to you how to get to our hostel. Besides we can also inform you what to visit in our beautiful city, where to go for a good meal or for a dancing. We are here for you!

2. Confirm your reservation

Room / apartment reservation is simple, but everyday we get a lot of mails through our contact form and other accommodation services, and we get also hundereds phone calls with requests for reservations. Therefore, we have strict rules: stay in our facility must be confirmed by our fixed form. This is because of our experience: in the distant past it turned out that the guest did not book the accommodation or we did not save this reservation, now we operate on the reservation system and we do not enter any reservation without filled form.
Vanilla Hostel & Apartments reservation form
Please send us an e-mail on rezerwacje[at] including formula as below:

I made a e-mail/ phone reservation in Vanilla Hostel & Apartments which I want to confirm
Name and surname of person making the reservation:
phone number:
number of guests:
date of arrival and date of departure:
Invoice / bill:
Attachment with payment confirmation and invoice data (if required)

3. Pay the deposit

To make a full reservation we demand a one-day-stay payment transfer to our bank account. Transfer confirmation should be sent to our e-mail together with confirmation of your stay

Bank account:
please pay your deposit to our account
PL 74 1140 2017 0000 4402 1300 1391

Transfer description:
The transfer title should include: name of person making reservation, date of arrival anf phone number
in case of resignation, every deposit may be returned, if the cancellation was made at least 4 days before planned arrival day.

4. Confirm time of your arrival

It would be nice of you to confirm the time of your arrival. It helps us to plan the time and number of our cleaning stuff needed to prepare all rooms for you

5. Read the rules of stay

After arrival every guest is asked to fill our check-in card and sign our rules of stay.
To make that we need an ID / passport of person who made the reservation. Our regulations are quite long, therefore it’s better to read them earlier so you don’t have to waist your time after arrival. You can find them in the upper bar in price list tab.

7. Write a review

We hope that your stay in our hostel will be nice. We will be very pleased if we receive a reward from you for our efforts in carrying out our tasks. Please add your opinion (preferably the best :) on our pages on facebook or on Google.

8. The Firm

We would like to inform you that Vanilla Hostel & Apartments is a part of
Marcin Bobało Kwatery dla Firm
Długołęka, st. Copernicus 21
55-095 Długołęka
NIP: 911-100-85-06


Vanilla Hostel & Apartments is currently renting apartments and apartments for the rooms, therefore every guest can expect other guests, including those who stay in our facility for a longer period of time.